The Little Girl Who Was Afraid of Everything

AUTHOR: Aurora Cacciapuoti | PUBLISHER: Tate | COUNTRY: UK | YEAR: 2020 | CO-EDITIONS: French, Chinese, Korean, Italian

Ami is afraid of absolutely EVERYTHING.
But when she meets someone who needs her help, Ami works hard to find the strength to put her worries behind her. The more she helps them, the more she realises what she’s been missing, until she’s no longer afraid. Then she meets a new creature…

A touching story about friendship, discovery and overcoming your fears, The Little Girl Who Was Afraid of Everything Gently and sensitively encourages children to face their fears and help others. It broaches the subject of anxiety and fear kindly, without making the child feel bad about themselves, giving them the tools to start tackling their own fears. “The little girl who was afraid of everything” is on the 3-6+ longlist for UKLA Book Award.

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